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SAT/ACT Test Prep

While a significant number of colleges are test optional and don’t require board scores, the SAT and ACT tests continue to be important for awarding of merit aid, to be required by many important universities and for direct entry into certain competitive programs such as engineering. Test prep services typically take months and cost thousands of dollars. My College Planning Team has designed this test prep module not to replace such tutoring but to provide students with an introduction to testing, everything from whether the SAT or ACT is best for them to testing tips to subject matter review, either to supplement their own individual study or to lay the foundation for further work with a tutor.

Best suited for 10th and 11th grade students who are getting ready to take an ACT or SAT. 

Ideal start: Spring of Sophomore year or Fall of Junior year

What to Expect From This Module

  • The module begins with a diagnostic meeting to assess whether the SAT or ACT is best for the student. After the diagnostic, the curriculum covers the chosen test.
  • General testing overview along with testing tips and stamina/timing guidance
  • Writing-Language prep: content review, grammar, cover up and predict & more
  • Reading prep: layout, establishing a baseline, the finding technique & more
  • Math prep: order of difficulty, grid-ins, the Three Grand Strategies & more
  • The ACT module also covers the science section, including passages and subject
  • matter tutoring

Includes an introductory diagnostic meeting and three full-length meetings with an experienced tutor plus outside work by both the counselor and the student. Available for a $495 flat fee.

My College Planning Team offers affordable, stackable modules to help you successfully address the academic, personal and financial sides of your student’s college search.

No $7k+ consulting services that ignore financial issues.  No stressful DIYing the applications hoping you haven’t overlooked some key part of the process.

Stackable.  Focused.  Affordable.

We offer discounts on bundles of modules.  Schedule a meeting with us so we can help you build a set of modules perfect for your individual needs.  Please click here to see some popular bundles.

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