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Focusing your Future

Many students don’t know how to narrow down their potential career interests. This module helps them learn about themselves, and explore potential career interests by better understanding their own personality, interests, likes and dislikes, and “what makes them tick.”  With career and job changes a permanent feature of today’s workplace, this module teaches students ways of thinking that are of value not just now but throughout life.  

What to Expect From This Module ​

Discover: After completing an online assessment to better understand their skills, interests, values, and personality, the student will use that deeper understanding to match their unique traits to career fields that are a “best fit”. 

Explore: Once the student has a “short list” of potential career fields, they will complete research to better understand these career fields and help prioritize options that make the most sense for her (the objective is to winnow down the list to a final one or two career options).

Decide: Upon completion of the research work, the student may want to validate their thoughts via informational interviews with people currently working in the career field. Once confident in her career decision, the student will create a brief presentation, to address the following:

  • Your “Why?” – what is the underlying motivation for you to pursue the career?
  • How do your unique traits of skills, interests, values, and personality support your decision?
  • What you desire to achieve via your career decision.
  • How you will best pursue your decision via college choice, choice of major or other advanced training opportunities.

Includes three meetings with an experienced counselor plus outside work by both the counselor and the student.  Available for a $495 flat fee.

My College Planning Team offers affordable, stackable modules to help you successfully address the academic, personal and financial sides of your student’s college search.

No $7k+ consulting services that ignore financial issues.  No stressful DIYing the applications hoping you haven’t overlooked some key part of the process.

Stackable.  Focused.  Affordable.

We offer discounts on bundles of modules.  Schedule a meeting with us so we can help you build a set of modules perfect for your individual needs.  Please click here to see some popular bundles.

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