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Finding and Winning Private Scholarships

Private scholarships are a good way of reducing college costs. But many scholarships aren’t advertised — so they can be difficult to find. This service helps you find, apply to and win scholarships and also provides assistance with avoiding having your college of choice offset the scholarship with reduced financial aid.

Most helpful for 12th-grade students.

Ideal start: January of Senior year in high school

What to Expect From This Module ​

  • Advise on scholarship search strategy and which types of scholarships to focus on
  • Provide an organization tool to help streamline the scholarship search and application process
  • Create a curated list of a minimum of 5 up to 10 college scholarships based on the student’s academic and extracurricular profile, school, region, and college major
  • Assist with full review of 1-2 scholarship applications, including brainstorming scholarship essay topics and feedback on scholarship essays, resumes, or other application components
  • Note: Scholarships are not guaranteed. Return will depend upon the student’s eligibility for scholarships, types of scholarships applied to, and level of effort.

Includes three meetings with an experienced counselor plus outside work by both the counselor and the student.  Available for a $495 flat fee.

My College Planning Team offers affordable, stackable modules to help you successfully address the academic, personal and financial sides of your student’s college search.

No $7k+ consulting services that ignore financial issues.  No stressful DIYing the applications hoping you haven’t overlooked some key part of the process.

Stackable.  Focused.  Affordable.

We offer discounts on bundles of modules.  Schedule a meeting with us so we can help you build a set of modules perfect for your individual needs.  Please click here to see some popular bundles.

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