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FAFSA and CSS Profile Filing Support

We advise you while you fill out and submit the FAFSA and CSS Profile.  Helps you get organized efficiently while making sure the filing is correct. Plus you get some tips on lowering your Expected Family Contribution to potentially win more financial aid.

Most useful for families of high school seniors. 

Ideal start: October of senior year in High School

What to Expect From This Module ​​

  • Ensures you are ready to submit correct FAFSA & CSS Profile forms on time for the upcoming academic year
  • Provides you with some basic, less complex financial aid assessability optimization tips
  • If the FAFSA/CSS results in a significant increase in need, helps you strategize how best to act on that change
  • Ensures you know all the financial aid deadline dates for colleges where you are
    considering applying
  • Includes a referral to a Certified Financial Planner at your option for more complex financial aid solutions

Includes three meetings with an experienced counselor plus outside work by both the counselor and the family. Available for a $495 flat fee.

My College Planning Team offers affordable, stackable modules to help you successfully address the academic, personal and financial sides of your student’s college search.

No $7k+ consulting services that ignore financial issues.  No stressful DIYing the applications hoping you haven’t overlooked some key part of the process.

Stackable.  Focused.  Affordable.

We offer discounts on bundles of modules.  Schedule a meeting with us so we can help you build a set of modules perfect for your individual needs.  Please click here to see some popular bundles.

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