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My College Planning Team Core Values and Code of Conduct

My College Planning Team (MCPT) consists of a large team of high school counselors, financial aid experts, higher education experts and education consultants. We hold all team members to the ethical guidelines outlined by their respective professional organizations and those outlined below, which are consistent with the Ethical Considerations for School Counselors developed by the American School Counselor Association, to ensure integrity and to ensure the best for our clients. To follow our core values and guiding ethical principles, MCPT team members will:

  • Represent the student and their family’s interests. 
  • Treat all clients with respect, dignity, and positive regard.
  • Center their work with the client on the student’s larger goals.
  • Provide honest feedback based on their respective areas of expertise.
  • Put the client’s interests first in all matters.
  • Recognize and appreciate the vulnerability inherent in the college planning process, and understand the importance of confidentiality for our clients, especially when working with information pertaining to minors and when communicating electronically.  MCPT will not disclose sensitive personal information to anyone outside the organization without express permission from the client and will treat internal dissemination of this information with sensitivity and caution.
  • Collaborate with custodial and noncustodial parents/guardians to help establish a cooperative relationship to facilitate student and family success.
  • Collaborate with external stakeholders, such as college admission counselors and high school-based counselors, when doing so would benefit the student/family.
  • Adhere to legal, ethical, district and school policies and guidelines regarding relationships with students and stakeholders. 
  • Ensure there is not a conflict of interest in providing referral resources. In particular, MCPT school counselors do not refer or accept a referral for counseling services provided by MCPT for students from their own school.
  • Strive to avoid a conflict of interest through self-promotion that would benefit the school counselor personally and/or financially (e.g., advertising their products and/or services).
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